Monday, May 23, 2016

I've become a Maker!

As none of you have come to know I have recently decided to try my hand at being a "Maker". Makers, right now, are the enthusiasts who are hard at work building the product lines of the future online marketplace. We conceptualize our ideas in the form of digital 3D designs and then bring them to life through the magical world of 3D Printing.

Many makers have set their sights on making humanity a better place with things that can improve the quality of life around the home, around the office, and in your car. Some makers have even dedicated themselves to being true humanitarians and make stuff as amazing as new limbs for those who have lost or never had them.

I seem to have decided that MY contribution to humanity is in the life-or-death industry of shoes. No, you're not missing something; I said regular, non life-changing, fashion world shoes. They don't make the world a better place, but I find the challenges associated with designing them to be personally fascinating. What's worse is that I've become specifically infatuated with women's shoes, no less. I believe this is considered a sickness in some social circles.

So enough about me, how about you? I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that wants to become an all-powerful maker. My next few posts will try to take you from measuring your foot to designing and printing a perfectly fitting shoe. Hopefully by the end of this you too will be well on your way to finding your own niche in the maker world.

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